GameChange Solar WeatherSmart™ Historical Data Shows kWh Increasing 9-13% Across Multiple Sites

GameChange Solar

NORWALK, CT – February 16, 2021 - GameChange Solar today announced that a recent historical study has just been completed, which shows kWh produced increased by 9-13% across multiple sites. The study was completed on sites from Oregon, Georgia, and South Carolina in the United States. Baseline data was tracked for inverter blocks without WeatherSmart™ and this was cross-referenced to inverter blocks where WeatherSmart™ was deployed. The results showed that in all instances where WeatherSmart™ was triggered, there was a significant increase in energy produced for all inverter blocks where WeatherSmart™ was deployed across all sites. The gain varied from 9-13% depending on the duration of cloud cover throughout the day and other factors.

Keith Caskey, Lead Solar Tracker Engineer at GameChange Solar, stated: “WeatherSmart™ is a clever method of harnessing the diffuse light on cloudy days to substantially increase energy yield. It has been gratifying to see that the implementation of our algorithm has proven out in significantly increased energy generation for power plant owners that are taking advantage of this important technological breakthrough by GameChange Solar.”