GameChange Solar Video Reveals Blazing 447 Modules Per Worker-Day Install Rate with TwistClamp™

GameChange Solar

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – July 6, 2020 - GameChange Solar has broken all module install speed records for fixed-tilt racking systems with the patent-pending TwistClamp™. In a timed study, two workers installed modules at a rate of one every 18.25 seconds or 670 per 6.8-hour workday. Even after reducing this rate by 33% to factor in worker fatigue, the rate of 447 per day is by far the fastest rate on any system and increases install speed 400% vs. typical nut and bolt mounting methods.

    TwistClamps™ Increase Install Speed 400%
  • 447 modules per worker day versus 100 with nuts and bolts
  • One worker inserts and twists all preassembled TwistClamps™ into purlins
  • Follow-up workers slide modules under TwistClamps™
  • Workers then drive the pre-attached serrated flange nyloc nuts to reach the required torque and simultaneously ground the modules.
  • Modules always align even if posts and beams are far out of alignment since workers can slide modules north and south under TwistClamps™
  • No follow-up torquing operations required
Derick Botha, Chief Commercial Officer at GameChange Solar, stated: “Install speed is a critical consideration for customers as they seek to reduce total installed cost. The TwistClamp™ is an important breakthrough for fixed-tilt systems and significantly reduces installed cost for EPCs and Owners.”