GameChange Solar to Surpass 350 MW in India

GameChange Solar

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – February 26, 2020 – GameChange Solar today announced that only months after launching in India, sales of the single-axis Genius Tracker™ have already passed 350 MW. In addition to the single-axis 1 portrait (vertical) and 2 portrait tracker systems, the company also offers a wide selection of fixed-tilt mounting solutions. GameChange Solar utilizes in‑country manufacturing for significant percentages of the components of the system.

GameChange Solar’s single-axis solar tracker, Genius Tracker™ utilizes independently driven rows. This greatly reduces operating costs and improves row to row spacing to gain higher energy yield. Additionally, the maintenance-free drive system further reduces operating costs. The superior reliability and highly engineered features of GameChange Solar’s design enable the Genius Tracker™ to be not only the reliability leader but also the most cost-effective solar tracker available.

Syed Saheerudin, Director of Business Development for GameChange Solar in India, stated: “India is an important and growing PV market. GameChange Solar has been able to fill the need for a cost-effective and reliable tracker solution. We are happy to also have been able to localize manufacturing of much of the system to further benefit India.”