GameChange Solar Surpasses 3 GW of Fixed-Tilt Sales

GameChange Solar

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – August 3, 2020 - GameChange Solar today announced that recent orders have pushed the company past 3 GW in sales since inception for its fixed-tilt structured systems. This is a meaningful share of the 10 GW of combined tracker and fixed-tilt systems sales GameChange has now achieved.

GameChange Solar is a global leader in utility-scale and large commercial scale fixed-tilt post driven and ballasted ground systems as well as for single-axis trackers.

Sales for the company are the largest in the United States historically, but in the past few years have been substantially growing internationally as well. Global annual sales are expected to surpass US sales for GameChange Solar by 2022 when GameChange Solar expects to pass the 20 GW systems sold benchmark. The systems are installed in virtually every area of the United States as well as in several emerging world markets located in countries such as in South America, Africa, and Asia. GameChange produces its fixed-tilt structures primarily in the United States for US markets and in China and India for non-US markets.

Derick Botha, Chief Commercial Officer at GameChange Solar, stated: “We are driven by our mission to help grow the Solar PV industry by reducing the total cost of fixed-tilt and tracker systems. We continually strive to minimize the cost of the equipment by innovation and scale, and also to reduce install cost for our customers by speeding installation times. We will continue to aggressively pursue our mission and hope that we can help further reduce costs for the industry.”