GameChange Standing Seam Roof System Sales Surge

Above: GameChange Standing Seam Roof System in CT

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – March 8, 2016 – GameChange Solar announced that it has seen a substantial increase in sales of its standing seam roof systems for large commercial and industrial buildings. The sales of systems typically 500kw to 1.5MW in size augment Gamechange’s leading Gridlite Roof System, which is a ballasted system.

Jeff Haas, Director of Business Development West for GameChange Solar, stated:
“Customer’s particularly like the one-stop-shopping that GameChange offers with our Standing Seam roof system. The fact that seam clamps are included in our pricing and integrated as part of our system sets us apart, but it doesn’t stop there.

We completely engineer and layout each system and provide full sealed construction documents. The entire system is shipped including aluminum rails, clamps, Lfeet, self-bonding teethed top mount module clamps, fast installing twist-in T bolts, and even jumpers so you can bond from rail to rail.

This ease of buying a complete standing seam solution combined with unbeatable value pricing is pushing GameChange to a leadership position for its standing seam systems.”

Standing Seam Roof System:


Direct Mount 2 MW, 315w panels, Flush mount


Rail Mount 2 MW, 315w panels, Flush mount

•    Breakthrough technology enables lowest cost and highest reliability tracker with fastest install and lowest O&M cost

•    Fastest installing tracker: 10 person crew installs 1.2MW trackers and panels per week

•    Highest power density of any single axis tracker, 99.3% panel density on rows vs. 94.0% best competitor

•    Robust linear actuator drive system has 30 Year operating life and is IP 66 rated for operation in harsh environmental conditions

•    Tru3D-Gimbal™ bearings account for pile installation being out of plumb, out of azimuth and out of vertical and east-west alignment

•    Every drive actuator has its own battery backup and wirelessly linked controllers, eliminating all trenching

•    Self-powered rows eliminates central drive allow for uninterrupted grass cutting and panel washing

About GameChange Solar

GameChange Solar is a leading manufacturer of fixed tilt and tracker solar racking systems, with over 6 GW Sold. GameChange systems combine fast install, bankable quality and unbeatable value through superior engineering, innovative design and high volume manufacturing.

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