GameChange Solar Unveils ITC Safe Harbor Strategy

GameChange Solar

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – May 28, 2019 – GameChange Solar today announced the introduction of an innovative safe harbor strategy which allows customers to lock in the ITC tax credit for projects to be built in the coming years. Solar project owners can realize safe harbor savings by making a purchase of fixed tilt racking or tracker equipment by year end 2019. This program has advantages over other safe harbor strategies because it allows for significant flexibility in power plant design should modules, inverters or other aspects of the project change. In addition, using racking as the basis for the safe harbor requirements leverages an asset that better maintains its value versus other safe harbor strategies. The GameChange Solar safe harbor strategy is supported by a memo written by one of the leading legal firms in the field.

Scott Van Pelt, VP of Engineering at GameChange Solar, stated: “Taking advantage of financial opportunities such as the ITC is essential for the USA solar market as it strives to undercut fossil fuels as the lowest cost means of new electricity generation and reduce our nation’s greenhouse gas emissions. GameChange Solar is proud to provide the industry with a sound means of securing the current high rate of the ITC while minimizing the risk of future changes in module and inverter technology."