GameChange Solar Introduces Complete Support for New Large Format Modules

GameChange Solar

NORWALK, CT – May 26, 2021 - GameChange Solar today announced that the company has worked with major module suppliers to confirm the company is able to support the newest large format modules currently in the market. These include modules of up to nearly 3 square meters in the area versus modules in years past which were under 2 square meters.

In addition to communicating with various industry-leading panel vendors about their new large format offerings, GameChange engaged their network of supporting firms, including CPP and Intertek, to confirm what impact these larger modules would have on various aspects of the structural design including wind loading and electrical grounding. Furthermore, GameChange has analyzed how these new large format modules impact the design of the racking structure and confirmed that no new components are required.

Scott Van Pelt, Chief Engineering Officer at GameChange Solar, stated: “GameChange Solar has always endeavored to be panel agnostic and to be able to support all commercially available PV modules. The flexibility of our existing Genius Tracker™ and fixed-tilt racking systems made the integration of large format modules a very straightforward exercise.”