GameChange Solar Increases Manufacturing Capacity To 9 GW To Meet 2019 Demand for ITC Rush

GameChange Solar

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – February 1, 2019 – GameChange Solar today announced a significant increase in manufacturing capacity to over 9 GW for 2019 for the US market. This capacity is required to adequately meet the significant increase in demand for GameChange Solar’s state of the art industry leading fixed tilt structures and trackers. Developers and EPCs are requiring significant increases in purchases due to industry growth and the need to beat the ITC step down date.

Andrew Worden, CEO of GameChange Solar, stated: “We have added large amounts of manufacturing capacity for both fixed tilt and trackers to ensure that our customers can fulfill their needs for significant growth in 2019. We are also striving to substantially cost reduce in order to enable them to meet their budgetary requirements."