GameChange Solar Genius Tracker™ Now Compatible with Ojjo's Earth Truss™ Foundation System

GameChange Solar Genius Tracker Now Compatible with Ojjo's Earth Truss Foundation System

NORWALK, CT – May 23, 2023 – GameChange Solar (GCS) today announced the release of an integrated single axis solar tracker solution that incorporates the Ojjo Earth Truss™ foundation system with the drive train and rack of the GameChange Solar Genius Tracker™. Ojjo's novel hollow screw design typically requires significantly less steel volume and labor as compared to conventional pile foundations. This announcement follows several months of technical discussions, computer modeling, and in-situ as well as laboratory testing.

The combined systems are designed for use in utility scale solar power plants and allows for the use of the GameChange Solar Genius Tracker™ in projects with challenging subgrade, such as shallow rock, where a conventional driven post is less preferable. This system still maintains the robust structural design and fast installation of the GameChange Solar Genius Tracker™.

Derick Botha, Chief Commercial Officer at GameChange Solar, stated, “The combined Ojjo plus GCS system provides best of both worlds. Ojjo provides the stable foundation without needing deep post embedment's while being able to work with the Genius Tracker™ structure our customers are familiar with.”

Mike Miskovsky, Chairman and CEO of Ojjo, stated, “We are proud to expand our tracker compatibility across the industry’s top manufacturers, now including GameChange Solar. Having installed nearly 2 Gigawatts of tracker-ready foundations to date, we are seeing strong demand for GameChange across our 10 Gigawatt active project pipeline. We appreciate the continuing effort from leading tracker manufacturers to help Ojjo as we deliver the most cost effective and streamlined foundation solution possible.”

The companies are currently accepting orders for projects that plan to use the combined system with deliveries starting in Q4 2023.

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