GameChange Solar Announces Best in Class Post Tolerances for Genius Tracker™

GameChange Solar

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – September 6, 2019 – GameChange Solar today announced several new enhancements to both design and engineering which have moved the GameChange Genius Tracker™ to the leading system for post tolerance flexibility and post speed of installation.

  • Centerpost tolerance has increased 75% to 150% to a standard of 15.5” to 22.5” for vertical tolerance by utilizing the new Gen 4 GC2008 drive system, available Q1 2020.
  • Vertical tracker to tracker tolerance has increased over 900% from 2” to over 18” and horizontal tolerance has increased from 6” to any amount required. This has been made possible by designing systems with independent edge versus mid interior trackers.
  • Broad rollout of the GameChange Solar Topo Engineering Design Optimization Service, a complimentary automated deep dive topo analysis and pile design yielding customers the most cost effective design method, substantially limiting costly grading on sites. The Service provides customers with locations and reveals for every post so that simply by following the design, the installation will be completed quickly and cost effectively.
Derick Botha, Chief Commercial Officer at GameChange Solar, stated: “This addition of 4GW of dedicated I‑beam post manufacturing allows GameChange Solar to meet increasing demands for all our products, both fixed tilt and tracker. Having USA capacity not only ensures rapid delivery of products to customers but also protects against the uncertainties and price fluctuations resulting from tariffs.”