5% Energy Production Boost with GameChange Solar Algorithms

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK – December 10, 2020 - GameChange Solar today announced that the company has released their latest white paper to various stakeholders in the solar industry. The paper outlines the increase in energy harvest of single-axis solar trackers due to advanced functionality including: Diffuse Irradiance Capture and Individual Tracker Table Control. GameChange Solar sells these functionalities under the brand names WeatherSmart™ and PowerBoost™ respectively. Unlike white papers and similar studies other tracker manufacturers have undertaken on this topic, the GameChange Solar white paper analyzes the impact of these functions on both an ideal tracker on an ideal day as well as over the entire year for a typical solar power plant.

Scott Van Pelt, Chief Engineer at GameChange Solar, stated: “We are pleased to provide this white paper to our clients, solar project developers, and owners. It is important that tracker designers provide clear and accurate assertions regarding the amount advanced tracker functions such as diffuse irradiance capture and individual table control will increase the energy yield of a given solar power plant.”

GameChange Solar plans to continue to periodically release white papers to provide insight and thought leadership to the solar industry.