GameChange Solar 2P Introduced as the Industry’s Lowest Priced Bifacial Tracker

GameChange Solar

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – June 26, 2019 – GameChange Solar today announced the introduction of the 2 portrait configuration Genius Tracker™. The system is designed specifically as the industry’s most cost-effective solution for bifacial modules which may require long side module mounting and do not allow 1 portrait module configuration in which the module spans across the torque tube.

Benefits of the 2 Portrait configuration tracker:
  • Best priced option for bifacial modules which do not allow 1 portrait module mounting and require long side mounting
  • Lower post count than 1 portrait or 2 landscape
  • Comparable install speed to 1 portrait standard Genius Tracker™
  • Approximately 5% lower cost than 2 landscape module configuration for modules requiring long side mounting
Comparisons for 2 Portrait configuration tracker vs. other tracker options:
  • 2 Portrait tracker has a slower install speed than GameChange Genius Tracker™ 1 portrait configuration with SpeedClamp™
  • Approximately 5% higher cost than GameChange Genius Tracker™ 1 portrait configuration

Derick Botha, Chief Commercial Officer at GameChange Solar stated, “ While 1 portrait Genius Tracker™ with SpeedClamps™ is the industry’s most cost-effective single axis tracker solution for bifacial modules which allow this configuration from both a cost and install speed basis, some module vendors prefer 2 landscape or 2 portrait configurations. For this application, we have launched the 2 portrait configuration of the Genius Tracker™ in order for our customers to have the industry’s most cost-effective solution.