GameChange Solar Projects Over 3 GW of 2 Portrait Genius Tracker™ Sales

GameChange Solar

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – December 3, 2019 – GameChange Solar today announced that based on customer indications, the company expects to sell over 3 GW globally of the Genius Tracker™ system with 2 portrait configuration (“2P”) over the next three years. This is in addition to 12 GW of the Genius Tracker™ system with 1 portrait configuration (“1P”) and 5 GW of fixed tilt systems for a total of over 20 GW.

Despite the higher cost of installation for the Genius Tracker™ system 2P versus the 1P tracker using SpeedClamps™, 2P is preferred for some bifacial modules which do not support 1P. GameChange Solar released the 2P Genius Tracker™ so customers could have the same proven safely designed and cost-effective Genius Tracker™ system for their 2P tracker needs as currently provided with the Genius Tracker™ 1P.

Scott Van Pelt, VP of Engineering at GameChange Solar, stated: “The 2P configuration for a single axis tracker is well poised to optimize certain design requirements related to bifacial modules such as ensuring no structure is behind any modules and mounting the modules on their long side. As such, GameChange Solar is proud to announce the release of the 2P Genius Tracker™ single axis tracker system. This product ensures that our clients will be able to procure a 2P tracker system which is cost effective while simultaneously being able to have confidence in the structural integrity of the design. GameChange Solar is honored to be working with our world class partners, CPP and Intertek, to ensure that the 2P Genius Tracker™ has the same robust control logic and safe design at all wind speeds that our clients have come to expect.”