Why Fight Rocky Ground? Stay On Top With GameChange Solar's Pour-In-Place™

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – October 13, 2017 – Why fight rocky ground with piles or screws?
Stay on top with GameChange Solar's Pour-In-Place™

The GameChange Solar Pour-In-Place™ Ballasted Ground System
Complete your site on time and on budget
Peace of Mind with risk-free install
20% lower install racking cost than screw systems

Screws or Piles
x Slow drilling needed for every hole
x 25% higher install racking cost for screw systems
x Slow and uncertain install timeline and budget

Industry’s top choice for landfills and rocky sites

  • 2013 Top 100 Products by Solar Power World
  • 2015 NYSSPE PEC Project of the Year
  • 2016 Top Solar Mounting Products by Solar Power World

  • “One of the reasons we like GameChange is its Pour-in-Place ballasted system. It makes for a fast install, with no need to drill posts into the ground, and is also self-levelling, which allows us to position the solar modules all in a straight line, even if the ground beneath is not.”

    Emma Kosciak
    Manager of Solar Development for Citizens Energy Corporation