GameChange Solar's Power Packing Genius Tracker™ Gives Project Owners Up To 30% Higher ROE

GameChange Genius Tracker™ packs panels into every nook and cranny, eliminates wasted space, increases row spacing, and gives project owners up to 30% higher ROE - Southwest USA Genius Tracker™

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – November 20, 2017 – GameChange Solar today announced that the GameChange Genius Tracker™ packs more power output into projects than leading competitors. Because panels are packed more tightly on trackers and trackers are packed into every nook and cranny of the site, wasted space is eliminated, and GameChange Genius Tracker™ systems are able to have wider row spacing. Wider row spacing means higher energy generation. The GameChange Genius Tracker™ has higher power production than all central drive trackers and the leading competitor's independently driven row tracker.

Andrew Barron Worden, CEO of GameChange Solar, stated: “The ability of the GameChange Genius Tracker to consistently deliver higher power output than competitors has made it a favorite of project owners focused on maximizing return on investment for their power plants. It is simple math: GameChange has wider row spacing. This means additional power output and much higher leveraged IRR and ROE, typically 5% to 30% more.”