GameChange Solar 6MW System Powers Up Caribbean Island

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – January 12, 2017 – GameChange Solar announced that a 6MW Pour-In-Place™ Ballasted Ground System is about to ship to the Caribbean. This system, which will support approximately 20,000 solar modules, is going to become a significant part of the island’s energy infrastructure. It will replace a large amount of expensive imported oil and help to significantly decrease the island’s cost of energy and associated pollution. Solar energy is particularly attractive economically for areas like islands which rely on expensive fuel sources such as oil.

Lizzy Aldridge, Director of Business Development at GameChange Solar, stated: “The customer chose the GameChange Solar Pour-In-Place™ Ballasted Ground System for its quality and easy constructability. By simply placing forms, installing racks, and pouring readily available ready-mix concrete into the forms, the system can be rapidly completed without any specialized equipment required. This makes the system ideal for remote areas.”

GameChange Solar Precast Ballasted Ground System
Above: GameChange Solar Pour-In-Place™ Ballasted Ground System


Fastest Installing Ballasted Ground System with Self-Leveling Technology

•    Patent pending protected system with self-leveling technology: 68% faster install than precast
•    Industry’s longest spans and fewest foundations: as few as 190 per MW
•    Substantial labor savings by eliminating moving and shimming heavy, precast blocks
•    Patent pending articulating purlin connections to navigate up to 15% terrain slopes
•    Supports all poly, glass and thin film modules
•    Integrated grounding and wire management
•    Available in both 1 and 2 panels up in portrait
•    Landfill solar racking leader
•    Base bracket hoops attach to posts, enable more than 7 inches total vertical adjustment to navigate 15% slopes in all directions
•    20 men install 1.64MW per week using pump truck, 1.31MW per week using bobcats with pouring buckets

About GameChange Solar

GameChange Solar is a leading manufacturer of fixed tilt and tracker solar racking systems, with over 6 GW Sold. GameChange systems combine fast install, bankable quality and unbeatable value through superior engineering, innovative design and high volume manufacturing.

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