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GameChange Solar is driven by its mission to repower the planet with clean solar energy. We do our part by driving fixed tilt racking and tracker equipment costs lower. With over 3.2 GW sold, GameChange systems combine fast install, bankable quality and unbeatable value through superior engineering, innovative design and high volume manufacturing.

What We Do

Inspired to leverage superior design, technology, and manufacturing innovation to lower solar energy cost, we have made a strategic decision to start GameChange Solar. We strive to lower the cost of installation without compromising solar racking strength, through innovative design that emphasizes simplicity and ease of installation.​

We got way out of the box, and looked at lowest cost standardized manufacturing processes to minimize cost of fabrication.

We started with a blank piece of paper and said, “How do we do this with the least number of parts, and make the simplest, strongest, easiest to assemble, lowest cost solar racks in the industry?” We then spent endless hours in the field working with solar installers, electricians, developers, and many experts to design our proprietary systems.
We utilize the highest quality materials, for long term durability and to meet extreme environmental conditions, such as stainless steel, 5052 aluminum alloy, and high grade steel with enhanced galvinization coatings.

Our products are manufactured in the USA. This ensures not only superior quality but also nationwide reach. Our products are manufactured to meet ASME and ASCE standards.

CPP Wind Tunnel Testing

At GameChange Solar our systems have integrated grounding utilizing proprietary GameChange Intertek UL 467 approved grounding devices, Intertek UL 2703 approvals and numerous U.S. Patents that protect our novel ground and roof solar racking systems.​ Wind tunnel testing and destructive wind testing has been completed.

GameChange provides stamped permit drawings including ballast calculations and embedment depths according to ASCE 7-05 and/or SEAOC as relevant. All systems are wind tunnel tested by CPP and rated to 175mph wind speed and 90psf snow load.
Capital is critical for the growth of the solar industry. GameChange Solar is able to draw on the contacts and experience of its parent company and its CEO, Andrew Barron Worden, who has invested over $500,000,000 over the past 20 years personally and through the investment funds he has managed. In doing so, Mr. Worden has established wide ranging relationships with hundreds of investment funds and other investors, many of whom are now actively investing in solar projects.

At GameChange Solar, we make customer service a top priority. Our goal is for every customer to be so pleased with their experience of the installation of the GameChange Solar racking system that they give us a glowing testimonial.

We realize that word of mouth is the best way to grow a business, and that not only superior products, but also unparalleled customer service are the keys to success.


GameChange is backed by the financial strength​ of Barron Group Holdings which has diversified holdings with significant assets and positive operating cash flow from operations.

Quality and cost of racking is not the only consideration in selecting a vendor with today's increasing labor costs. Rapid installation time, integrated grounding and wire management are critical to reducing total installed cost. GameChange has reduced both overall system cost and installation time.

“My roots as an investment fund manager have helped me understand what solar investors require: total system cost reduction while meeting the demands for bankability.”

Andrew Worden,
CEO at GameChange Solar
Stated in the Interview with SolarPro April 2014


Reducing Total Racking and Installation Cost


Our team leadership has invested over $480,000,000, heavily in metal fabrication companies. This gives us a strong working knowledge of cost effective scale metal manufacturing processes.

Our Group Companies Built 10 Solar Power Plants and Learned the Solar Business

Experiencing that Racking Systems were Overpriced, Overcomplicated and Slow to Install, GameChange was Founded to do it Better

As these plants were built, we saw that PV mounting structures were too expensive, complicated and slow to install and needed better integrated wire management and grounding. GameChange Solar was started in 2012 to provide the most cost effective high quality and fast installing solar racking systems.

We have built a superior engineering team, leveraged our legacy skillset in solar system installation, design and metal fabrication, and developed the best designed racking systems in the industry.


Investment Background in Clean‑Tech Metal Fabricators


We have increased Genius Tracker single axis tracker manufacturing capacity to over 6 GW annually with the addition of multiple high speed stamping and roll forming lines in North Carolina, New York, Michigan and New Jersey. These lines are capable of precision automated production of quality parts in large volumes that allow per part processing costs to be minimal. They also are efficiently designed to minimize scrap loss and further reduce cost of production, which in the face of rapidly increasing steel prices is a critical consideration. Strict quality control and manufacturing process techniques typically utilized in the automotive industry are being applied by GameChange for superior quality and high capacity production.


Solar Tracker Design Engineering Service Specialized for Undulating Ground

GameChange Solar provides a value added service for the Genius Tracker™ single axis tracker to be utilizable on undulating and sloping ground conditions. The service entails a detailed analysis of the tracker system layout in AutoCAD® Civil 3D®. 2D slices are then analyzed for proper tracker slope design to minimize or eliminate any grading requirements, often utilizing extra long extra piles in valleys so the trackers can span rapid and significant undulations while minimizing or completely eliminating the need for costly grading

We are constantly looking for new ways to arm our clients with the information and tools they need to install their tracker system as quickly and cost effectively as possible. By performing this in-depth topography analysis early in the design process, GameChange Solar’s engineers can reduce or eliminate grading even on sites with challenging terrain.

Scott Van Pelt,
Sr. Director of Engineering at GameChange Solar


Solar Tracker Design Engineering Service Specialized for Undulating Ground

Executive Leadership

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Andrew Barron Worden

Chief Executive Officer
& Founder

Olga Filippova

Chief Financial Officer - International

Derick Botha

Sr. Vice President of Business Development

Mark Zeni

Chief Operating Officer

Walter Ferrara

Vice President of Finance


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