GameChange Solar Announces 1P-2Row Genius Tracker™

GameChange Solar

NORWALK, CT – January 12, 2023 – GameChange Solar today announced the launch of the 1P-2Row Genius Tracker™. This system was designed at the request of certain customers demanding the energy efficiency and fast installation benefits of GameChange Solar’s existing 1P-1Row Genius Tracker™ system with the lower cost afforded by having one controller manage two rows. The 1P-2Row Genius Tracker™ comes standard with the same high level of preassembled components of GameChange Solar’s existing system including the elimination of all washers. The industry’s leading module install speed is also available with this system capturing the benefits of GameChange Solar’s proprietary preassembled SpeedClamps™.

Derick Botha, Chief Commercial Officer at GameChange Solar, stated, “GameChange Solar’s Genius Tracker™ 1P-2Row tracker leverages the Genius Tracker’s™ reliability and advanced technology. The system is a cost-effective and optimal solution for certain projects and countries. This is the third new product launch by GameChange Solar in the past two quarters along with the fixed tilt MaxDensity™ system and the Genius Tracker™-TF terrain following system which has the highest slope differential in the market."