GameChange BOS Offers New Above Ground Cable Management System

GameChange Solar

NORWALK, CT – August 19, 2021 - GameChange BOS announced today that its much-anticipated Grab-Tite™ Above Ground Cable Management System is now available. This Balance of System (BOS) product line allows solar electrical installers, developers, and asset owners to work with one company group, GameChange BOS and its parent, GameChange Solar, for state-of-the-art trackers and fixed tilt racking solutions as well as their cable management needs.

In creating its unique BOS products, GameChange Solar relied upon its decade of experience in working with key players in the utility-scale solar space. The new Grab-Tite™ Above Ground Cable Management System was designed with the customers who have been using GameChange Solar’s innovative racking systems, ensuring that engineers, installers, and system operators successfully deliver their scope of work. Current and future customers will benefit from GameChange’s site-specific cable management solution as their engineering team will incorporate the requirements for the racking system and Grab-Tite™ in one design package.

Customers of GameChange BOS not only save time and money by eliminating most of their field drilling requirements, but the products tend to be priced lower than competitors' BOS products. GameChange Solar’s commitment to the betterment of the world through lower-priced solar energy extends beyond just the renewable energy space as the company intends to donate ten percent of the profits on the BOS solutions it sells to charity.

Claude Colp, Product Line Lead for GameChange BOS, stated, “We’re excited to continue to drive down the cost of solar energy for our customers and to offer them the products that make a difference. Whether a developer is seeking a comprehensive solar package that includes racking and Above Ground Cable Management solutions or an engineer is just looking for trusted design support, customers will get the same innovative design and fast installation speed that has made GameChange Solar a global leader.”