Study Shows GameChange Solar Genius Tracker™ Financially Outperforms Other Trackers

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – March 27, 2018 - GameChange Solar today announced that a detailed study has been released which compares the GameChange Solar Genius Tracker™ design to those of two other leading trackers. The study decisively concluded that due to the combination of higher power production and low O&M costs, the GameChange Solar Genius Tracker™ is significantly superior in terms of all financial metrics that are important to financial owners, such as LCOE and ROE. The study was conducted by interviewing a broad range of independent utility scale project owners, EPCs, and O&M service providers to ensure the study is accurate and objective. Datapoints were gathered from them on all aspects of tracker costs and project economics.

Click below to view the summary of the report. For the full report with backup documentation, please contact your business development representative at GameChange Solar.

Download Summary