GameChange 13MW System Installed on Florida Brownfield Site

GameChange 13MW System Installed on Florida Brownfield Site

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – May 3, 2017 – GameChange Solar announced that a 13MW system has been installed on a Florida brownfield site. The system was a combination of the Pour-In-Place™ Ballasted Ground System and the MaxSpan™ Fast- Build Pile Driven Ground System. The project utilized over 37,000 335 watt modules, and was built by a leading nationwide EPC.

Andrew Worden, CEO of GameChange Solar, stated: “We are happy to see more solar development in the sunshine state. This site was particularly gratifying to be involved with since it repurposed a brownfield site to support clean renewable solar power.”

About GameChange Solar

GameChange Solar is a leading manufacturer of fixed tilt and tracker solar racking systems, with over 2GW Sold. GameChange systems combine fast install, bankable quality and unbeatable value through superior engineering, innovative design and high volume manufacturing.

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