GameChange Solar Systems Emerge Unscathed From Category 4 Hurricane Michael

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – October 24, 2018 –GameChange Solar’s participation in long-term testing and research has concluded that the most beneficial market for bifacial modules will be in areas with high reflectivity of the ground surface such as deserts where the increase in power production for use of bifacial modules will be greatest, although there is also some level of energy gain on grassy areas.

In addition, high ground clearance is critical in the design of structures for mounting bifacial modules. GameChange Solar’s Genius Tracker™ has one of the highest ground clearance to chord length ratios of any tracker on the marketplace, putting GameChange Solar at a significant advantage over other tracker products for consideration when mounting bifacial modules since there is no cost adder for higher ground clearance with GameChange as it is already priced in.

A whitepaper is available upon request which covers long term testing of bifacial versus non-bifacial modules mounted on GameChange Solar Genius Trackers in a side by side comparative test.

Andrew Worden, CEO of GameChange Solar, stated: “GameChange Solar has had bifacial modules on both our fixed tilt and tracker systems for several years and it is good to see the trend for bifacial modules growing. We are glad to be a leader in this area and look forward to supporting our customers for fixed tilt bifacial needs for multiple configurations, and primarily for their tracker system needs with both two-up landscape and one-up portrait systems as their bifacial module vendor prefers.”