Andrew Barron Worden

Miguel Lopez

Firmware Engineer

He is a Firmware Engineer with experience in embedded systems design, research and development, and software development life cycle. Miguel previously worked at Omega Engineering, INC on the design and development of the hardware and firmware for Bluetooth temperature, RH and pH sensor transmitters, and development and maintenance of iOS applications. He also worked on the development of a touch screen 8 and 16-channels data logger. He successfully completed multiple internships at Brookhaven National Lab and The U.S. Department of Energy. While at The City College of New York, he worked on the design and development of distance sensors for robotic applications, and on the automation and optimization of a scanning Doppler Lidar system. While at Stony Brook University, he conducted research on the physical and chemical properties of aerosol particles from biomass burning plumes and their interaction with the atmosphere at the School of Marine and Atmospheric Science (SOMAS) and worked at the Embedded Design Lab in the Electrical Engineering Department. His research at SOMAS was published on the Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics journal “Homogeneous ice freezing temperatures and ice nucleation rates of aqueous ammonium sulfate and aqueous levoglucosan particles for relevant atmospheric conditions”.

Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from The City University of New York
Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering from Stony Brook University

Tel: 212-388-5193